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Many Consultants and designers under estimate what the church of today needs. Not at AUVIX, we have been designing and installing for the past 15 years. From Small to Large Worship Centers, we've done it all. Specializing only in catering custom systems to meet the needs of our Clients.

As time goes by, things change and so does Media in the church. Churches have evolved thru out the years. Now having more needs for excellent Audio-Video-Lighting systems than ever before.

The demand and expectations are much higher than before, and here at AUVIX, we understand. This is why this AUVIX Worship Media Department was developed.

Many firms pass on designs to integration companies missing many details at the end of project, bringing up unexpected cost to the client.

Our services Include: Consulting, Designing and Installing. Auvix Solutions does it all.

We now even offer Acoustical Treatment with State of the Art Acoustical Material.

Angelus Temple LA

The Church LV

The Church OC

Maranatha Mission Ca.

FaithDome Ca.

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